Integral IT Case Study

The Challenge

Located in Harrogate, Integral IT brings over ten years of experience in providing honest IT support, consultancy services, and cyber security protection.

Facing challenges with their previous PSA software, Integral IT partnered with Scalable for a seamless migration to a more robust system.

The transition required careful planning and execution, addressing time-consuming tasks and operational inefficiencies. The goal was to overcome change fatigue and eliminate bad habits from their previous systems.

The Solution

Scalable provided Integral IT with comprehensive guidance and support throughout the entire migration process.

We conducted a thorough scoping session to understand their requirements and built a customised framework, aligned to their PSA software needs.

Our experts then implemented the recommended configurations, which included structuring the service board.

Through our partnership, Integral IT were able to expedite the transition and minimise disruption to their business operations.

Scalable’s expertise and support were instrumental in our PSA system migration. From scoping to implementation, they provided invaluable guidance and assistance, ensuring a seamless migration process.

Their team took on the heavy lifting of setup and configuration, saving us over 40 hours
of valuable time and resources. 

Thanks to Scalable, we now have robust PSA software in place that meets our needs
and allows us to deliver exceptional service to our clients.

Jonathan Edwards
Managing Director, Integral IT

Key outcomes

Integral IT saved 40 hours of time by entrusting Scalable with the setup and configuration of their PSA.

Optimised PSA software for peak performance, eliminating the need to hire additional staff and inflate costs.

Enhanced customer satisfaction was achieved through quicker response times and streamlined service delivery.

Despite the challenges they faced with their previous PSA software, Integral IT’s commitment to improving their operations and service delivery was evident. 

Their team’s dedication and openness to adopting new processes allowed us to seamlessly implement a more robust PSA system.

Through our partnership, Scalable enabled Integral IT to overcome their challenges and elevate their service delivery capabilities.

Darren Strong
Managing Director, Scalable

Learn how we saved Integral IT 40 hours in their PSA migration.

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