Think Cloud Case Study

If you want to increase your business efficiency and your Operational Maturity Level, Scalable is the one place you need to go.

“Partnering with Scalable was easy, and we aimed for a long-term relationship to grow our business and enhance our Operational Maturity Level.”

Scott Clark
Co-Founder, Think Cloud

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The Challenge

Located in Hull, Think Cloud support businesses with best-in-class strategies alongside award-winning IT Support and cybersecurity protection.

Think Cloud’s biggest challenges prior to working with Scalable included:

  • Systems not connected correctly
  • Getting out of tech and day-to-day ops
  • Didn’t know what good looked like
  • Struggled with accurate reporting


Think Cloud’s primary goals before partnering with Scalable were to:

  • Double their Monthly Recurring Revenue 
  • Increase their Operational Maturity Level 
  • Increase the skill-set of their junior leadership team


1. Audit

Scalable conducted a comprehensive audit of our business, addressing unique challenges and gaps.

2. Report

They then facilitated a positive discussion, guiding us through their findings and potential outcomes.

3. Build

A comprehensive & bespoke, SMART action plan was built to increase OML and create accountability.

4. Consult

They merged our USPs with industry best practices to achieve defined outcomes and bespoke frameworks.

5. Implement

Our strategy was put into action, focusing on systems, processes, training, data, and reporting.

6. Review

Scalable continued to review our business operations, identifying new opportunities for improvement.

Key outcomes

Monthly Recurring Revenue increased from £50k to £100k

Now focused on the business rather than in the business

Tech team driven solely by KPI data

Service Desk apprenticeship strategy had a positive impact on our service

“We’re proud to have helped Think Cloud transform. By solving issues with system connectivity, operations, and reporting accuracy, we freed them up to focus on growth.

Watching them double their revenue, improve operations, and develop their team is incredibly rewarding. It shows our dedication to long-term partnerships and delivering tangible results.”

Darren Strong
Managing Director, Scalable

Learn how we helped Think Cloud transform their business

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