Dovetail Case Study

“Scalable’s expertise has been invaluable in optimising our service delivery and enhancing our overall efficiency.

Thanks to them, we’ve streamlined our operations and are better
equipped to handle our
rapid growth.”

Greg Caplan
Co-Founder, Dovetail

The Challenge

Dovetail is a Managed Service Provider renowned for its
expertise in supporting Creative, Media, and SaaS businesses.

They reached out to Scalable to optimise and streamline their operations. As they expanded, they sought to balance growth with maintaining high service levels. Their challenges included:

  • Scaling operations alongside revenue growth
  • Maintaining high service levels during expansion
  • Limited time and resources for increasing workload
  • Non-optimised service desk and project operations
  • Need for internal restructuring to support scalability


Dovetail’s primary goals before partnering with Scalable were to:

  • Increase productivity per team member
  • Optimise service delivery for effective growth management
  • Enhance reporting metrics and service efficiency
  • Improve first-touch fix rate for faster issue resolution
  • Reduce total cost per ticket to boost profitability


Merged and implemented a vertical service desk structure to enhance scalability, ensuring efficient handling of increasing workload and service demands.

Introduced measures to improve the first-touch fix rate, resulting in faster issue resolution and reduced service costs for improved service profitability.

Restructured internal operations to optimise service delivery processes, improving efficiency and effectiveness across the business.

Dovetail recruited key personnel to drive business growth. Scalable provided comprehensive training for seamless alignment with strategic goals.

Key outcomes

Increased productivity and efficiency in service delivery

Streamlined internal operations for sustainable growth

Reduced operational costs and improved profitability

Strengthened leadership and strategic planning capabilities

“We are thrilled to have played a key role in Dovetail’s journey. Our tailored solutions have helped them resolve issues faster, cut service costs, and boost profitability, setting them up for continued success in their rapidly growing market.

It’s been a pleasure working with such a dynamic team and seeing their impressive progress. We look forward to supporting their continued growth and success.”

Darren Strong
Managing Director, Scalable

Learn how we helped Dovetail transform their business

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