Start the Year Strong: Setting Your Team for Success – RocketMSP Podcast

Start the Year Strong: Setting Your Team for Success – the RocketMSP Podcast

Join Darren Strong and Steve Taylor on the RocketMSP Podcast as they dive into how to kick off the year by setting up your team for success.

In this episode, they discuss the importance of planning, communication, and execution in crafting a 12-month business strategy and growth plan across an entire business.

Key takeaways from their discussion include:

  • Start planning your next year’s strategy 2-3 months in advance to allow time for buy-in.
  • Engage key team members to gather diverse perspectives and ideas.
  • Break down your growth target into a monthly recurring revenue (MRR) figure using the “rule of 78” method to calculate the required MRR addition each month for meeting the annual goal.
  • Utilise leading and lagging metrics like MRR, customer satisfaction, service levels, and cross-selling rates to monitor progress. Adjust strategies if falling behind.

To listen to the podcast, click the play button above.

To learn more about RocketMSP, check out Steve’s website for more information. 

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