The Hidden Costs of Bad Culture in MSPs – scaleUP Podcast

The Hidden Costs of Bad Culture in MSPs – scaleUP Podcast Ep.3

In the third episode of scaleUP, Darren sits down with Morgan to explore the crucial role of culture in Managed Service Providers and how it directly impacts profitability.

Darren shares how a positive culture that prioritises people can lead to happier clients and a more successful business. The right culture attracts the right customers, and passionate employees deliver exceptional service, boosting overall profitability.

Morgan and Darren discuss the importance of being clear about your culture and values, hiring people who fit, and providing a robust onboarding process that goes beyond technical skills. They emphasise the need to define clear values and integrate them into every decision-making process to ensure everyone in the team is aligned and working towards the same goals.

Morgan and Darren highlight how spending time with your team, understanding their needs, and providing support is key. By delegating effectively, leaders can focus on strategic growth rather than getting bogged down in daily firefighting.

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